Monday, October 29, 2007

Investigation Results:Rizwanur Was Murdered

Rizwanur Rahman's 'mysterious death' is no more a 'mystery'..It's a murder-nothing more,nothing less.

In a startling revelation,a close friend of Priyanka Todi has revealed that Priyanka is under pressure to speak out the truth.

This is what Priyanka said to her friend:

"Rizwanur is no more..& if I go against my dad,I will be alone..Who will give me shelter-you?.. If I speak out,Rizwanur won't come back.. I have already lost Rizwanur,so I can't bear to lose my family's side..I know everything,but I can't reveal..I am under pressure..If you were in my position,you could have understood what is going on through me..Main Majboor Hoon".

From the above statements,it is quite clear:

Priyanka's father,Mr.Ashok Todi is the main culprit in Rizwan's death..That's why she mentions that revealing everything means going against her dad..

Now,what did Mr.Ashok Todi do that can have a bearing on Rizwan's death? Or,in other words,what can be the role of Mr.Ashok Todi?

A.The person who forced Rizwan to commit suicide.
B.The person who mastered the murder of Rizwan.

Now,from people who know Rizwan closely,we know that Rizwan was not a man to commit suicide..Had he had plans to commit suicide,Rizwan would not have called Human Rights activist,Mr.Sujato Bhadra minutes before his 'suicide' for an appointment at 2:30 pm..Also,the nature of his injuries reveal it's not a case of an ordinary jump-before-the-tracks suicide.That he was fatally hit before the train crushed his body is quite clear from his body.

Therefore,we can safely conclude,Rizwanur's death is not a case of suicide,but a case of murder.
So,Option B only satisfies the above conclusion.

Our conclusion..
It's pretty simple: Rizwanur was murdered.
And the murderer..
None other than: Ashok Todi.

The Mystery & The Questions Left Unanswered

Mr.Ashok Todi,the father of Priyanka Todi is an influential businessman with his influence extending even in the corridors of power in West Bengal,has been held responsible for the tragedy that has befallen before Rizwanur's family.The city police commissioner,two deputy commissioners as well as the Officer-in-Charge & two Sub-Inspectors of the local police station have also been vindicated for their role in the Rizwanur killing.

There are two possible lines of truth:

1.Murder Theory:
Rizwanur may have been murdered by Mr.Todi's men who have all been shielded by the city police.The names of top cops of Lalbazar(the citadel of Kolkata Police/West Bengal Police)with the likes of Gyanwant Singh & Ajay Kumar,both Deputy Commissioners of Kolkata Police coming to the forefront.Prasun Mukherjee,the erstwhile Kolkata Police Commissioner has also been a part of the game;his hurry to announce the cause of Rizwanur's death as suicide & undue support for those police officers who have interfered in the Rizwanur-Priyanka case only goes against his innocence.The nature of the injuries & the position of his body on the railway tracks of Patipukur reveal it's a murder.The fishy way with which his body was handled,his autopsy was undertaken & investigations were undertaken by the city police including the CID only support the murder theory.Also,the inaction of the police despite written requests by the couple to provide them with adequate protection,fearing separation,also support the death as a case of murder.

2.Suicide Theory:
Unjustified pressure from the Todis & city police may have taken a toll on Rizwanur and may have forced him to end his life on the railway tracks of Patipukur near Kolkata.

Even if it's true,then also Mr.Todi & 'his' police are to be blamed.How can the police interfere in a legally-registered marriage between two mature individuals?..All these just because Rizwanur's father-in-law is a multimillionaire?Does love have no value in this millionaire's heart?..Why will the police listen to the rich only?But,for how long?..

Are lovers safe in Kolkata?..or in India?
Why do parents still interfere with the marriage of their children who are adults and have found the love of their life & RETALIATE against their marriage?
Why is loving someone considered a grievance by majority of Indians?
Does the police have no other cases in hand that they interfere in others' private lives?

All these questions have come to the forefront & will continue to torment people's minds in the times to come.